Communication & Campaigns

web2watch is an international agency for social media and online marketing. Our services include strategy consulting, concepts, creation, graphic design, programming (facebook, mobile apps, websites), video, community management and training. The basis for any successful communication is professional social media monitoring.

Online PR & Reputation Management
Traditional media articles and user posts on the internet are interrelated. Reports in print and TV often trigger reactions in social media. Likewise lively social media discussions affect the coverage in the traditional media. Our long experience in cooperating with the media and our various journalist contacts are highly beneficial. We can bring your topics on the agenda, reinforce positive comments and convince your critics.
Dialogue with Customers, CRM & Complaint Management
Prompt answers of customer inquiries and professional responses to criticism and complaints are important. They are not only the key for customer satisfaction, but they are also visible to the outside world. We provide texts, graphic designs, photos and videos for your social media channels and set up a tailor-made service workflow for your organisation.
Identify New Customers & Social Commerce
Hundreds of thousands of consumers are visiting different forums in order to gather information, exchange opinions and share experiences. Many of them leave traces and can therefore be addressed directly. Beyond that, we can also set up online shops for facebook and mobile apps.
Creation of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs & sites
Concepts, creation, programming, graphic design, editorial support, increasing the traffic.
Apps, Videos & Games
Creation and production of videos, programming of mobile and facebook apps, contests, games and viral videos.
We make sure, that your website ranks as high as possible in the Google search and is easily found via Google ads.
Recruiting & Employer Branding
Use social media to find potential employees. Take the opportunity to present your company authentically as an attractive employer.
Crowdsourcing & Produkttests
Use your customers for product development and testing. Strengthen their commitment for your brand through participation and turn your customers into influential multipliers.
Training & Workshops
Do your employees know how to conduct themselves in social media? We help you in developing social media guidelines for your company and make your staff familiar with the rules of social media communication.
Campaigning & Mobilisierung
Today, there is no successful campaign without social media. Barack Obama demonstrated it: social groups with common characteristics or interests were identified and provided with the relevant messages. Arguments and information for supporters was delivered via social media. By doing so, they were able to share the messages in their personal networks.

Not only in election campaigns, but also in various other aspects of politics, society, economics, commerce, leisure and culture, people can be mobilised for or against something by using social media. Opinion leaders can be identified with the objective of spreading the campaign.