Social Media Monitoring

Listen – Analyse – Engage: Social media monitoring is the basis for any successful communication.

web2watch provides you with tailor-made information:

Frequency and volume of social media posts of your predefined keywords
Statements, content and topics associated with your keywords
Sentiment of the posts and statements – positive / negative / neutral
Channels of the posts (facebook, twitter, blogs, youtube, forums, websites of newspapers and magazines, etc.)
Frequency Analysis
Based on predefined keywords, web2watch observes all social media posts, analyses them and shows existing trends.
Topic Analysis
A topic analysis shows, which issues and content is related to your keywords. This helps you to find out, what content is relevant to your target audience and how you can address your customers more accurate.
Sentiment Analysis
Analyses all the posts and comments by their sentiment (positive, neutral, negative). Additionally, a quality control is exercised by the web2watch team. An excerpt of original quotes can be provided.
Influencer Analysis
Shows, which authors and sources are the most relevant for your keywords. Many of these influencers can be identified and can subsequently be addressed directly.
Channel Analysis
Shows, in which online channels users are talking about your keywords: facebook, twitter, blogs, youtube, forums, reader comments and editorial articles in the online editions of newspapers and magazines.
Media Observation national & international
All major mass media and special interest magazines have online editions, which are almost identical to their print versions. Therefore, we can observe your media presence in the traditional media and to send you the articles as a press clipping. This enables us to provide an international media observation in real time at comparatively low cost.

This does not only display your media presence, the related sentiment and topics, but it also allows an analysis by country, media title and editorial sections