Brand Monitor

More than five million Austrians use the internet regularly, most of them several times a week. Two million of them are active social media users. Every year they exchange more than six million opinions, recommendations and experiences about brands. Apart from that, there are over 100 million posts, without any brand being named, which are nonetheless just as relevant for businesses. This data derives from a recent market study by OGM about to use of social media amongst the Austrian population and businesses.

In cooperation with the well-known business magazine Format, web2watch publishes every week a social media ranking for a certain branch.

The Brand Monitor is not a representative survey, but it shows how much and with what kind of sentiment social media users are talking about brands and products.

Therefore, a comprehensive database with all relevant products and brands is created for every branch. Then all web posts for the last 12 months are screened and analysed. The main contents of the analysis: frequency of brand mentions, related topics, percentage of positive / negative statements and overview of the relevance of specific social media channels.

In the magazine, the top 10 brands with the highest traffic and those with the most positive and negative user comments are published.

Since October 2011, more than 50 branches with over 3,000 brands were monitored.

A list with all brands and branches can be found here.